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Profitable Agriculture

Innovative technology of cultivation harvesting , storage, processing and marketing of agriculture crops.


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Cultivation of seasionl green vegetables, tuber vegetables, potato, onion, garlic, sweet potato , colo cassia ( arvi) , Zimikand & ginger turmeric, chilles, coriander, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, ladies finger,(Bhindi) cucumber.
Post harvest management technology.
Sorting grading packing.
Primary processing of fruits and vegetables.
Semi process fruit and vegetable product.
Marketing tie-up fresh and process product.
Hydroponic & Vertical Gardening.


(Button, shiitake, oyster) cultivation, spawn production and composting.

Food Industry

Bakery confectionary, fast food, preserve(murabba) pickle, candy / cheese, sweets, sugar free product, syrup, concentrate , pulp & juice, milk products, soya paneer, and flavored milk. marketing through dispenser, cereals( rice, flour milk) and spice processing.

Food Testing Laboratory

Setting up of lab as per ISO 17025.5 norms, Quality Control, FSSAI Licensing, accreditation, certification , BIS, Agmark, product designing, new product development and standardization .

Organic Foods

Cultivation, processing, certification & marketing tie-up.

Cold Chain & Logistics

Design of modern multi chamber cold storage, CA/MA cold storage with primary processing, semi-processing, sorting grading of fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables, pack house, cold room, collection, distribution of non-perishable and perishable commodities.

Skill development

Job/ industry oriented technology, training and course designing.

Animal Husbandry & dairy

Farming of cow, buffalo , goat, poultry, milk production , processing & marketing.
Aquaculture (Fisheries)

Cultivation Aerometic and medicnal plants

Leman, grass khus, demuskus rose, mentha and distillation.


Alovera, satwar, musle, kalmegh.

Bee Keeping, floriculture

Protected cultivation of flowers, planting material, of season vegetables.


Material and technology.

Food court, Dhaba

Lay out planning, Fast Food , catering.

Designing & Setting up

of Govt. EDP course Food Science, Food Testing Lab, Degree, Diploma , craft course , EDP, Short Courses , hobby course , skill development courses.


Food Park & Cluster Development.
Jaggery, Rice & Flour Milling.
Diet food.